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If you are a player interested in joining a CCSL team or a team interested in adding new players please check or post to the CCSL player exchange on www.theccsl.com

If you have a complete team and are interested in joining the league, please complete this form. A league representative will get back to you as soon as possible.   

For a list of rules visit our rules page.


Captain's should bring a roster to each match. Please hand your completed rosters to the referees at the before each game. To
view your roster go here and select your division (league) and select your team name. Your current roster will load; hit "print this page." 

As your players register they will be added to your roster. In order to play each player must on the official roster. If someone plays for your team and they are not on your roster the result will be deemed a forfeit for your team. If there is a question about a roster referees will ask for ID checks to make sure your players bring their IDs to ALL games. 

The site has the capability to track game stats and provide more information than ever before. One thing to note, though, is text you put on your game comments can be seen by the whole league, so go easy on folks! :) 


To update game results, click on the Admin link on the upper right hand of the screen and enter your first and last name (first name, space, last name) and your password. Then select "Teams and Divisions" and pull up your team. You will have access to your roster, stats, and game results. From there you make the changes you may need.