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To all: 
This coming Saturday, May 13, DC United will be hosting the Kansas City Wizards at RFK stadium.  To support the team and to get out and socialize, the CCSL is hosting our first tailgate this weekend before the game.
We'll be meeting in Lot 8, where we usually meet.  For those new to the process, as you head into Lot 8 from 395/SE SW freeway, stay right and follow the road close to the river.  As you begin passing the large parking lot to your left, you'll see people tailgating on the left and right.  We generally set up toward the back of the lot, on the left if possible.  We will hang a RED Indiana University flag from a tree or the top of my Black Ford Explorer so people can see orient themselves. 
As always, we'll have Burgers, Hot Dogs, chips and beer.  Please come and join your fellow DC United supporters and fellow CCSL colleagues for a drink and some conversation.  We'll have giveaways for a few lucky attendees.  A sampling of the giveaways:
- A cassingle from a early 90's R & B singer
- a well worn copy of war & peace, but only for the duration of the game.  I'll need it back afterward.
- A scarf
- a newborn chicken, so bring a heat lamp, you know, just in case.
- some tic-tacs, likely half consumed, probably orange or maybe wintergreen. 
So - to recap -
What: Tailgate
Where: RFK Stadium, Lot 8, in the back
When: Game starts at 7:30pm, Tailgate starts at 4pm
Who: you and all your friends, or else
Why: why not?
 Please go through this link  for how to purchase tickets
 Please note:  We get a $6 discount on tickets.
If you have any questions, please contact me at
See you Saturday!!