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Capital Coed Soccer League Rules Short Sheet
(See the CCSL Constitution for a full description of rules)
Match Duration: Matches consist of two x 45-minute halves. For playoffs only: tied matches proceed to two x five-minute overtime periods (no golden goal) then if still tied proceed immediately to penalty kicks. For penalty kicks captains must identify all 11 kickers and teams must alternate the kickers by gender.
Players: All players must be on the team’s roster. The captain must provide a roster to the referee before start of play. A government issued photo ID is required for each player during playoffs.
Matches are 11 v 11. For each team no more than six male players may play at one time (including the goal keeper); no more than nine female players may play at one time (including the goal keeper). A minimum of two players of each gender must be on the field to prevent a forfeit or match abandonment.
Forfeits: To avoid a forfeit teams must have seven rostered players, with a minimum of two players from each gender, ready at least 15 minutes after the scheduled kick off time. If at any time during the match a team goes below seven players, or does not have at least two players of each gender, the team forfeits the game.
Guest Players: A player may be on the roster of only one CCSL team. A player may compete for another team only to avoid a forfeit and only with the approval of the opposing team captain. The added player must leave the field if another rostered player arrives during any part of the game.
Equipment: Jerseys must be of like color; numbers are strongly recommended but not required. The home team must change in cases of color conflict. Home teams must supply a game ball. All players, including the goalkeeper, must wear shin guards completely covered by socks.

Jewelry is not permitted except for medical alert bracelets that have been taped to a player’s wrist. Medical knee braces, or other braces with hard surfaces, must be covered/padded to prevent injury to opposing players.
The Center Referee retains the final decision regarding the safety of player equipment.

Substitutions: Substitutions are unlimited re-entry with referee permission at the following dead ball situations: goal kicks, possession throw-ins, kick-offs, yellow carded players and injuries. 

Slide Tackles: Slide tackles are not allowed. A slide tackle is when a player attempts to take the ball away from an opposing player by deliberately leaving his/her feet and sliding along the ground. A slide tackle is punished with an indirect free kick (or a direct free kick if also a foul under FIFA Laws of the Game) unless in the penalty area when denying a goal-scoring opportunity. A slide tackle in the penalty area that denies a goal-scoring opportunity is punished with a penalty kick.

Misconducts: Any player who is cautioned (shown a yellow card) must exit the field of play for two minutes and may be replaced by a substitute. Players or team officials who are sent off (shown a red card) must leave the field of play and surrounding area where they are out of sight/sound. If the player or team official refuses to leave the stadium or surrounding area the referee may abandon the match.
Red cards are gender-specific; the team receiving the red card must play with one fewer player of that gender.
Red card offenses are punished by at least a one game suspension (the next scheduled match). A forfeited or canceled game does not count towards a suspension as a scheduled game.
Protests: All protests must be filed by the team captain in writing to the within 24 hours of the game’s completion.
In all other instances FIFA rules are in effect.