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MDCVSA Affiliation: What does it mean?
The Capital Coed Soccer League is proud to be affiliated with the Metropolitan D.C. - Virginia Soccer Association (MDCVSA). The MDCVSA is a state-level member of the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) and the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). The support and resources CCSL receives as an affiliated league are crucial to the long-term success of CCSL, to our players' safety and to the development of our referees. Additionally, MDCVSA, USASA and USSF work together towards the overall development of soccer within the United States. 

Support for Recreational Leagues, Teams and Players
How does the Metropolitan D.C. - Virginia Soccer Association (MDCVSA) benefit you and your CCSL teammates?

LIABILITY: The MDCVSA State Association provides general liability insurance for member leagues. This coverage is a standard requirement in all field rental contracts. It is important piece-of-mind coverage for both the League and to the organizations and entities who allow CCSL use of their fields.

SUPPLEMENTAL MEDICAL INSURANCE: MDCVSA also provides secondary medical insurance to both insured and un-insured players. A portion of CCSL's affiliation fee goes to providing this medical coverage. Any player who may be injured in a CCSL game is eligible to file for assistance to help defray medical costs. For more information on filing a claim, visit MDCVSA's Insurance Page.

REFEREE TRAINING, DEVELOPMENT AND SAFETY: MDCVSA supports one of the best state referee programs in the country. MDCVSA's State Referee Program offers training for new officials, and provides assessments and advancement opportunities for experienced officials. 
In cases of referee abuse or referee assault, MDCVSA can handle the disciplinary hearing and any enforcement actions would carry state-wide for the offending player. In that capacity, the MDCVSA protects the interests of the referees, leagues and players. For more information on the State Referee Program or to look for classes to become a referee, visit http://www.vadcsoccerref.com/.

RECREATIONAL TOURNAMENT ASSISTANCE: MDCVSA actively supports affiliated tournaments such as the Neptune Classic in Virginia Beach. In addition, they regularly sponsor the MDCVSA State Cup competition and run the in-state qualifying for the USASA National Cups. Affiliated players are also eligible to participate in the Select Team program and National Cups.

LEAGUE CONSISTENCY AND PARTNERSHIPS: MDCVSA works to promote friendship and consistency across its member leagues. Through this impartial governing body, member leagues, teams and players have a vote on everything pertaining to how the area's affiliated recreational soccer leagues are run, supported and promoted.